Accelerated Cooking Products

ACP: Accelerated Cooking Products

Our name makes obvious the things we make. But to understand how and why we make them you need to dig a little deeper. Take a look at what we make possible at leading restaurants all over the world. Such as serve their gold standard—in a fraction of the time. Reduce the amount of equipment it takes to serve their menu. Simplify their process, reduce training to nil—automate. Lower cost and operational complexity. Increase customer perception and satisfaction. Produce and sell more.

Solutions like ours are a big part of the reason that there are more high-quality food options at more outlets than ever before. Good food. Delicious food. It's our solutions like ours behind that expansion and growth.

ACP Inc, can trace it's roots back to 1947 when Raytheon® built the first microwave oven, the Model 1161. This 6' tall, 750 lb monstrosity cost over 50K US dollars in today's currency. In 1965, Raytheon acquired Amana Refrigeration, and just 2 years later the world was introduced to its first affordable microwave oven: The Amana Radarange®.


Today, ACP is 100% dedicated to the professional foodservice industry. We manufacturer XpressChef™ high-speed ovens, as well as Amana® Commercial and Menumaster® Commercial specialty, steam and microwave ovens. Our ovens have been ranked best in class for over twenty-five years, and are preferred in areas of performance, reliability, service, construction, ease-of-use and safety.

ACP ovens are designed, engineered, fabricated and assembled in the USA. We are the only US based manufacturer of both commercial high speed and microwave ovens. At our headquarters in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, we continue to expand our manufacturing footprint.

ACP is a member of the Ali Group – a privately held company based in Milan, Italy that specializes in designing, manufacturing and servicing of commercial foodservice equipment. The Ali Group operates globally through 78 brands with sales and service subsidiaries throughout Europe, North America, South America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific.

We provide accelerated cooking solutions that give our customers the operational edge they need to achieve the success their food and service deserve

Four Ways ACP Gives Operators The Edge They Need To Succeed

  1. Produce more variety with less equipment

  2. Automate to save time, labor and expenses

  3. Raise the quality and consistency of the menu

  4. Make it easier and faster to cook and serve

ACP Solutions, Inc.

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