Chef's Corner

XpressChef™ Product Updates

ACP, Inc., is pleased to announce to the following updates to the Spring 2021 line-up of XpressChef™ High Speed Ovens.

XC 3i Cavity Improvements

All XpressChef 3i oven cavity ceilings will feature a new robust, longer-lasting impingement plate with non-stick PTFE bonded surface.

2021-spring xc 3i cavity .JPG

XC 4i Cavity Improvements

All Xpresschef 4i oven cavity sides will feature new robust, longer-lasting antenna covers with non-stick PTFE bonded surface.

2021-spring xc 4i cavity .JPG

New Lower Pricing

All XpressChef™ High Speed ovens are now more competitively priced.

2021-spring xc all .JPG

Coming Soon: QR Code Resources

Models manufactured after April 2021, will feature durable QR code labels—connecting operators to online product resources, while eliminating paper literature copies.

QR codes labels will be located inside the door of each model and will point directly to the online resources for that model. Operators will be able to quickly and conveniently access Owner's Manuals, Quick Start Guides, Spec Sheets, and more.


Download PDF: 2020-2021 XpressChef Product Updates