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Toasted Turkey sandwich

Menu Information

  • Ovens: MXP5223T, MXP5223TLT
  • Status: Pre-cooked
  • Quantity: 152mm long sandwich
  • Accessory: Pizza screen
  • Start Temp: Bread at Room Temp 21°C, Meats and cheese at refrigerated 3-6°C
  • Oven Temp: 270°C
Toasted Turkey sandwich


152mm long sandwich roll 4 slices turkey 1 slice halved, provolone cheese


Stage 1

  • Time: 0:35
  • Microwave Power: 60%
  • Fan Speed: 60%
  • 100%


1. Place sandwich open face on screen, ingredients on heel side. 2. Place slices of turkey first and cheese on top.